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Construction concept

Construction Management

As construction managers, Coram Construction Solutions Inc. works closely with the architectural and engineering firms prior to construction in order to achieve optimum cost efficiency and scheduling, as well as to optimize the quality of the final project.

Within the Construction Management model, Coram acts as an agent for the owner, whereby the owner holds all the trade contracts. This allows us to establish a co-operative relationship with all parties involved early on in the process that results in fewer disputes, claims and delays.

Under this Construction Management Model, our services include:

  • Preparation/monitoring of construction budget

  • Preparation/monitoring of construction schedule

  • Preparation of project management report

  • Preparation of all tender and contract documents

  • Contract award recommendations

  • Contract administration

  • Project administration

  • Site administration & supervision

  • Site reviews with all authorities having jurisdiction

  • Preparation of all documents for project close-out

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