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pre-construction planning


Coram Construction Solutions Inc. starts projects on a solid foundation of planning, budgeting and scheduling. Our pre-construction team collaborates for optimal site selection, financing modeling and budgeting. Simultaneously, we work side-by-side with the design team in order to create a cost effective and exciting project.

Our proven pre-construction service model enables us to anticipate potential setbacks before problems occur, allowing us to stay on target or, if necessary, advance the pre-construction process in order to save time and money.

The following tasks are performed by Coram Construction Solutions Inc. during the Pre-Construction Phase.

During the Pre-Construction Phase, our services include:

  • Site selection

  • Preparation of development proforma

  • Preparation of cost budget 

  • Marketing & promotion strategies 

  • Selection of design consultants

  • Design, initiation and development

  • Financing requirements

  • Preparation of schedule

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